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What is your Life Blueprint?
Aideen Smith-Watson Lifeblueprint

I am Aideen, founder of Lifeblueprint, working with organisations to develop & deliver wellbeing strategies to create happier and more productive employees.  


I bring a wealth of experience as a qualified-

  • S.M.A.R.T. (Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques), meditation and mindfulness instructor for adults;

  • S.M.A.R.T. Young Minds Mindfulness, Resilience & Wellbeing Schools Coach 

  • Laughter Wellness Leader

  • Life coach

  • Licenced Neuro Linguistic Practitioner

  • Graduate from The Science of Happiness programme


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Different people have different success in crafting the life that they truly enjoy. While you cannot change the past, YOU do have the ability to further customise your life and make it even better. 


Your life purpose is just as unique as your fingerprint.

At Lifeblueprint our mission is to help clients celebrate their individuality and maximise their potential. Whether it is Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques, Work-life Balance, Focus and Concentration, Family Support. Our solutions are tailored to help our clients build greater resilience to more powerfully navigate the challenges, opportunities and goals within their personal and professional life.


Aideen Lifeblueprint - CWA

According to Dale Carnegie "People rarely succeed unless they are having fun in what they are doing".  Just doing something for the pure joy of it can help us remember that this experience of being on the planet is most importantly about having fun. For me personally, life is about celebrating individuality and having fun in the process. Humour and playfulness are attributes that I like to apply to my personal life, whether it is playing with my kids, aerial circus, improv comedy or volunterring with cycling without age.


Also with my professional cap on, my individual style and zest for life certainly shines through, I debunk some of the mystique that often surrounds wellbeing. I can clearly demonstrate the many practical tools and techniques that can be incorporated into our daily lives, tailoring my fun and interactive approach to each individual audience.


Bringing a multi-disciplined focus to my work, I draw from positive psychology and neuroscience to help clients respond more creatively; increasing energy and productivity; enhancing their resilience and self-belief and ultimately greater happiness.

Celebrate Your individuality and maximise YOUR potential

be the very best version of YOU