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Aideen offered a fantastic workshop at Raynes Park High School on Mindfulness. Aideen was really on the students level and the students really enjoyed their introduction to mindfulness. Highly engaging and interactive workshops that benefitted all, including staff!

Sarah Audley, Raynes Park High School, London

Since I took part in the 6 week Mindfully Happy Schools Programme, I can deal with stress more effectively and focus on what needs to get done without feeling too overwhelmed.

Grace Rogers, Year 12 Student, Hove Park School, Brighton

We have been using Mindfulness for students that are in their final year of A-Levels. This has allowed them to take time out of their studies and to reflect on their strengths and to focus on something different. This has been invaluable coming up to the exam season, when students often feel overwhelmed with revision schedules. Aideen has come to the class regularly and is always ready to give the students tools to enhance their learning and day to day functioning. The sessions have been adapted to suit young people and Aideen has encouraged them to think more deeply about how their thoughts affect their behaviour. The students will be able to take away some of the activities to help them focus their mind at this challenging time and it is something I will try and incorporate into other classes that I teach.

Jane Thomas, Teacher, Hove Park School, Brighton

Following an introductory session for teaching staff, Aideen delivered a 6 week Mindfulness and Resilience schools programme to our Year One and Year Two children. Through fun and interactive games and exercises, the children learned about how they could incorporate mindfulness into their everyday lives. Aideen introduced them to tools they could use when they needed to concentrate, to feel happy or to help them manage their emotions. As Headteacher, it was fascinating to witness their understanding and knowledge grow week by week and to see them then implement some of the techniques they had learned in everyday school situations. It also became apparent how well mindfulness supported and complemented wellbeing strategies currently used in school,such as peer massage. We are looking forward to welcoming Aideen back to work with our older children, as we help prepare them for life in secondary school, and to her imparting her skills and knowledge with further sessions for staff.

Michele Lawrie, Headteacher, St Peter's Community School, Portslade

The children really enjoyed Aideen coming in each week and really found her tips and strategies useful. Her sessions on the mind-body connection were really beneficial in helping the children with emotional regulation and concentration. In fact, I found myself practising the power pose technique that she shared with the class, before an important meeting.

Francesca Gibbs, Year Two Teacher, St Peter’s Community School, Portslade

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