The Mindfully Happy family Programme

Providing parents with tools and strategies to immediately support healthy family development. 


Today's fast-paced existence, often places us all, under undue performance pressure and stress, frequently resulting in burnout, disengagement, and unhealthy life patterns.


Our sessions have been designed to promote good mental health, deeper connections and overall well-being for for the entire family.

As a parent myself and a former marketing consultant, I was definitely feeling the overwhelm as I strived to achieve a happy work life balance.


Many of the external stressors still exist, life still has its ups and downs but my relationship  and how I deal with them has changed.

I am a living testimony to the benefits of prioritising my wellbeing.


work-life balance 

in a fast paced world


A range of sessions are offered to support parents overall well-being, areas may include

  • How to manage stress or anxiety and increase health and happiness

  • Improving focus and concentration.

  • Increased resilience by improving both you and your children’s ability to bounce back from challenges.

  • Approaches to help deal with an emotional storm

  • Power of positive self-talk

  • Integrating mindfulness with daily activities

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