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the cost of stress in the workplace

Employers have seen a 41% rise in the number of staff with mental health problems (source CIPD’s Absence Management 2016 survey). ​

  • Ever increasing work load, deadlines, changes in financial circumstances and expectations to achieve targets are all major contributors to stress, anxiety and exhaustion in the work place. 

  • In 2017/18, there were 15.4million days lost to stress with the average cost of ‘sick’ days being £618 per day, meaning workplace stress cost the UK economy a total of £6.4bn in 2012. 

  • Presenteeism is also on the rise, with employees coming to work disengaged, tired, unmotivated and too stressed to work which is also costing employers in terms of productivity.

Often, it’s not until an employee’s mental health has declined considerably that any action is taken. 

give your business the edge with our workplace wellbeing sessions


When faced with the day to day reality, it’s often not an easy job balancing employee wellbeing, morale, engagement whilst meeting targets, deadlines and the all-important return on investment. 


No two organisations or individuals are the same, we develop and deliver bespoke resilience mindset training, stress management, relaxation, mindfulness, laughter wellness and work-life balance empowerment sessions, that are affordable and highly effective in improving individual and organisation wellbeing.


Our wellbeing in the worplace sessions, empower employers and employees to explore techniques that work specifically for them to use in the heat of a stressful moment and accessible tools and skills that work for them well beyond the sessions.


Our mindfulness in the workplace sessions give employers and employees the tools and strategies to help with emotional regulation, self-awareness and self-acceptance and deep breathing exercises designed to improve conscious awareness of the body and how to calm it down, in part to tackle stress and anxiety, and in theory to boost long-term psychological resilience. 


The Outcome Of Workplace Wellbeing Sessions


Happier employees are more engaged and more productive. We help clients:

  • Have greater focus and concentration 

  • Develop a resilient mindset

  • Generate more life balance, leading to positive and healthy changes in personal and professional relationships 

  • increase mental and physical energy and a sense of engagement in work activities.

Workplace Wellbeing Packages


All our workplace wellbeing solutions can be tailored to your requirements. with prices starting from as little as £250. Preferential rates offered to charities.

  • Taster Sessions 

  • Courses 4 - 8 weeks

  • Workshops, from 30 mins - full day

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Team Building Days


The content and duration of all our workplace wellbeing sessions can be designed to suit your requirements to deliver your desired outcomes.


Like to find out more, please ask us, 

Work - Life Balance

Trying to find a balance between work obligations and family demands can be all-consuming, exhausting and negatively impact work performance.   


The Mindfully Happy Parenting Courses and workshops, empower parents to feel calm, secure, supported, and inspired.


Helping employees and their families thrive, leading to a happier, empowered and more productive workforce.

Laughter wellness

Our laughter wellness sessions give your business the edge. Laughter is one of the quickest, most effective & economical way to help employees reduce stress:


  • Promotes peak performance by increasing the net supply of oxygen to the body and brain.  


  • Creates a positive mood


  • Enhances creativity, through the playfulness of Laughter Yoga.


  • Builds team spirit, connection & communication skills are enhanced.

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